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“I don't know about angels, but it's fear that gives men wings.”  

Max Payne


The Saga of Evil begins…


From a distant galaxy far beyond our time, the most ancient of all EVIL awoke before descending upon our unsuspecting galaxy.

The planet it reached never faced such a threat, but didn’t submit to it, either.

In a final attempt to survive, a prison between dimensions was built, the last hope to hold the DARK POWER for an eternity.

The planet withered and died, and its people found a new refuge among the stars. That planet is now known as: MARS.

But even eternity doesn’t last forever.

Ignorance and an infantile arrogance of a nation leads to its release. And once again, it only leaves death in its wake.

Read the fast-paced Sci-Fi/Horror, where the elements of OCCULT meet with an advanced MILITARY thriller, wrapped in a colossal battle between good and evil.


The first part of a new, long-awaited Saga, from the internationally renowned author of

“The Darkness Within”

will give you a gulp of a smash hit and will leave you wanting more…


Cover for the book Seed of Evil by Robert Friedrich

In the year 2147, a discovery is made below the surface of Mars that could change the very nature of our existence.

But when Earth loses contact with the Colony, a team of Marines is sent to investigate and secure it.


Do they have what it takes to survive the most ancient and purest form of Evil that has awoken?

This is the first part of an entire Saga which combines military action,

supernatural elements

with horror

and fast paced suspense,

spanning from Mars to Earth and far beyond.


Pitting humanity’s survival against unimaginable odds which will make readers ask for more. 


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